Contributions: Instructional Designer, Writer, Presenter

Instructional Technology: Canva, Adobe Illustrator ( Photo Pea), iMovie

Challenge: Create a 10-15 minute demo describing features of a digital resource that could increase teacher and student productivity.

Solution: This demo lesson was created to introduce a free trending digital resource, ChatGPT to revolutionize the science classroom. 

Outcome: Teachers were more informed and reduced planning time by at least 50% with the help of ChatGPT. 

Guide for Learners

Contribution: Content Creator, Writer, Graphic Designer, Researcher

Instructional Technology: Canva

This project is to inform women of color and caretakers of daughters with 4c hair how to grow and retain their kinks and coils. The 7 step manual is to take the stress out of finding hair care tips for an underrepresented hair type.

Scenario Based Training

Instructional Technology: Articulate 360, Adobe Photoshop

Contribution: Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer, Writer

This project is to inform persons in the hair care industry on how to support women of color with natural hair in a customer facing setting. The short interactive scenario based course provides guided insight on how to best interact and service a customer to retain ALL customers.  

Virtual Instructor -Led Training

Contributions: Instructional Designer, Writer, Facilitator

Instructional Technology: Articulate 360, TalentLMS

Challenge: The network is looking for ways to retain teachers and improve the coaching experience in secondary education. 

Solution: This lesson was created to introduce a new coaching model to improve team leads interactions with teachers. 

Outcome: Teachers stated that the implementation of the new coaching model increased their sense of belonging and value to the network by 85%.